Does Germany recognise its guilt for starting World War One?

Answer by A Quora admin:

Careful study helps to assign responsibility. Were the Germans solely responsible? No.
Was Germany prepared for war? Yes.
Were they responsible for invading bordering countries literally within weeks of the initiation of the crisis? Yes.
Did Germany have a well developed "advance" plan for the invasion of Belgium and then, France? Yes.
Did Germany do what they could to avoid a war with Russia so they could conquer France first? Yes.
Had Germany been engaged in a military build up before the crisis? Yes.
Was the German surrender in 1918 the end of WWI? Yes.
Is this response simplified as a dozen other countries were involved? Yes. Is this response oversimplified? No.

Is it useful to study the patterns of war in Europe beginning with the Bourbon dynasty 1555 along with the Romanov and Hapsburg dynasties to best understand what happened in 1914? Yes.

Why all this hard work? A severely abbreviated and fully muddled version of the so called truth can be found on Wiki and in most history books. THE truth is found with hard work and dedication all requiring time which supposedly, nobody has any of. 

In an answer above, it is stated that in the 1920's the German government spent time and money "rewriting the history" of WWI. You are going to assume that this is the only time history has been "rewritten?"
Relying on limited historical sources (like, perhaps, an internet discussion board) will assure all of us of never knowing what "really" happened ever.

Does Germany recognise its guilt for starting World War One?


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