If you had to predict the next major war what countries do you think would be the ones to primarily start it?

Answer by Martin Milita:

India has one of the most powerful and largest militaries on the planet. Today, Pakistan has a strict first-use policy regarding nuclear war with India. The Pakistani government's official policy is that they can pre-emptively start a nuclear war because both India and Pakistan claim Kashmir as theirs. Their next war – their 4th war – could be nuclear.  Many Pakistanis’ claim allegiance to one of at least eight radical Islamic groups – including Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. And they've all formed one united front – a United Jihad Council. If one nuclear warhead was fired by either India or Pakistan in an act of war, it wouldn't create a regional conflict like we've seen in Syria or Libya. Those are terrible situations, but they would pale in comparison to this. This could create World War III. These two nuclear powers would drag every major nation into this. And sides would be taken. The loss of human life would be almost impossible to imagine.

If you had to predict the next major war what countries do you think would be the ones to primarily start it?


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Martin Milita

Martin Milita is a Senior Director at Duane Morris Government Strategies, LLC. Duane Morris Government Strategies (DMGS) supports the growth of organizations, companies, communities and economies through a suite of government and business consulting services. The firm offers a range of government relations and public affairs services, including lobbying, grant writing; development finance consulting, media relations management, grassroots campaigning and community outreach. Milita works at the firm’s Trenton and Newark New Jersey offices. Visit his blog at: https://martinmilita1.wordpress.com Follow him on twitter: @MartinMilita1 https://www.facebook.com/martin.milita http://www.dmgs.com/ BLOGROLL Martin Milita – About.me Martin Milita :: Pinterest Martin Milita @ Twitter Martin Milita at Slideshare Martin Milita on Google+ Martin Milita Yola Site Martin Milita | Xing

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