What is it like to be an American?

Answer by Martin Milita:

I think that David S. Rose, A Citizen- had a pretty good answer. Let me respectfully add that I think Americans at the founding and continuing to today possess incalculable advantages over many if not all other Nations: timing in the sense that the nation’s birth came, in Washington’s words, at “an Epoch when the rights of mankind were better understood and more clearly defined, than at any former period,” and space in the sense that geography gave and gives today America incredible resources. So yes, as Americans we have lots of stuff comparatively speaking.
Yet there are still several rather uniguely American inventions that persist -and have spread most places around the globe -that make most folks think about being American as unique- not better or worse:

• The legacy of waging the first successful war for colonial independence in the modern era.

• The establishment of the first nation-sized republic. (proving for the first time that a large and far-flung population could be governed in a republic.).

•Creation of the first wholly secular state.

•Creation of multiple and overlapping sources of authority in which the blurring of jurisdiction between fed’l and state power became an asset rather than a liability.

• The idea that vigorous- some may say at times too aggressive- on-going  debate about public policy as a hallmark of a truly modern state.

What is it like to be an American?


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Martin Milita

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